This was written in Bluefish. I originally used Quanta but it's designed for KDE and I recently switched to Gnome.


The travelogue covers places I've lived.

The movie section is close to a current list.

The photos are a random collection somewhat centered on the places I've lived.

Opening Rant

I started using Slackware in the mid 90's. I switched to Mandrake [now known as Mandriva] for a while, then switched back to Slackware. I liked the ease of use with Mandrake but you didn't learn the inner workings and it branched in a direction I didn't want to go. I have tried Suse, Red Hat, Knoppix, Yellow Dog, FreeBSD, Agnula DeMuDi, and a host of others. I had never used a Debian based version until I tried Ubuntu. It has some good features and has the potential to be as popular as Mandriva with the right support.

I expect KUbuntu might be more so, just based on the issues with gnome. I started out with KDE and Gnome together. Through time I think KDE has matured more than gnome. They are both great and have a host of support but KDE seems to do it better for me.

As far as web browsers are concerned. I think IE has learned a lot from it's competition with Netscape, then Mozilla and now Firefox. There is still a war raging in the browser front, with IE "borrowing" ideas from better browsers in an attempt to win back the ground it lost.